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An article from the ITHACA JOURNAL, 10/10/2007

Where is your favorite place to write?

In my studio at home.

Has Ithaca influenced your writing in any way?

Yes,by knowing and being able to associate with all the fine writers who live in this town. And it was in Ithaca that I met my wife, the author Jeanne Mackin.

When do you get most of your writing done?

In the evening, when all my other work is finished. Writing for me is a recreation. If no one wants to read what I have written at least I have had the joy of doing it. I have written 103 short stories, and published eight, and six novels and published one.

Name two books that have inspired your writing?

“The Street of the Crocodiles” by Bruno Schulz, and “Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass” by Bruno Schulz

Who is your favorite author?

Bruno Schulz

What's your favorite font?


What do you want readers to take away from your work?

A sense of understanding about what I have written, and how it relates to their own lives.

What do you love most about being an author?

I am not adding to the large inventory of stuff I already have stored in the attic, garage, and barn left over from the years when I was a visual artist.

What are you working on now?

I have just finished a novel about deceit and corruption in the American political process. I call it "The Third Candidate."

If you could have dinner with any three fictional characters, which would you choose?

Mrs. Marple, Sir Lancelot, and Rip van Winkle.



Submitted by: Helen P, Annapolis, MD

Q: Do you just photograph still lifes?

SP: No. I photograph all kinds of subjects when I find the light touching something in an interesting way. These are things mostly around the house, in the back room, corners, etc. What I don't photograph right now are landscapes and people.

Q: Why no landscapes or people?

SP: Well I used to paint landscapes and people and may go back to these things in the future. What galleries seem to want to exhibit these days are my still lifes, mainly the ones with floral arrangements. So people rarely get to see the photos that do not have flowers. In answer to your question I have posted few a examples of my other subjects below. As you can see I deal a lot with simple things, things that one might nor see as beautiful at first glance.